Don Basham –
Bible Lesson on Spiritual Leadership –
The Importance of Being #2 /Audio MP3

Back in 1969 when I was converted to Christ Jesus, I was immediately immersed in the early days of the charismatic movement.  Derek Prince and Bob Mumford were two of the first Bible teachers I heard the day after my conversion.   Later those two men joined together with some other Bible teachers to be accountable to one another and mentor some of us who wanted to walk in community as disciples of Christ.  

One of those teachers was Don Basham, who in addition to preaching was an author and editor.   Don’s teaching was always practical and he seemed contented to do the work of the kingdom in the background and without a lot of fanfare.  We lost Don a number of years ago, but his teaching and testimony remains and are well worth reading or listening to.  

In the 60,s and 70,s we were pretty use to some lengthy Bible teaching and this bible study on “The Importance of Being # 2” last well over an hour.   The MP3 files are broken up into two parts, hopefully when you click on these links, your media player will open automatically. These can also be transferred to an MP3 player to take with you. 

There are important lessons in his teaching, and having functioned myself in long stints in #2 ministry, I heartily agree with this important message from Don.  I am now serving as an Anglican priest; these principles are part and parcel with our ecclesiology or our historic understanding of church life and leadership. 

learn and enjoy, Fr. Richard Dalton  –  Rochester, Michigan  –  Lexington, Michigan

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Part One

Part Two